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As affiliates of Dillon Consulting Ltd., Rod and Milt worked as manager and co-authors of Ontario Traffic Manual (OTM) Book 7 (Temporary Conditions), synthesizing information from a broad variety of sources. These include the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), Ministry of Labour (MOL), municipalities, utilities, and various industry associations. Before Book 7 was completed, they provided interim familiarization training on significant changes to MTO, its contractors, and contract administrators, and later to municipalities. After Book 7 was completed, Arges Training & Consulting (ATC), working in partnership with the Ontario Traffic Council (OTC), and commissioned by them, developed detailed training courses for traffic control persons, traffic control installers, and traffic control supervisors. A certificate is provided upon successful completion of the relevant tests. ATC has also provided major input to the updated 2014 Book 7.

ATC is pleased to present these training courses on the Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7 (Temporary Conditions). The courses also cover the traffic-control-related elements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and its Construction regulations, as well as an introduction to human factors and positive guidance as they apply to drivers. The courses also cover comprehensively the complete content of OTM Book 7.

ATC also worked closely with the Ontario Good Roads Associationís Municipal Public Works Safety Steering Committee, MTO, Ministry of Labour, Association of Road Supervisors (AORS), and OTC, to consider concerns raised by some that OTM Book 7 did not appropriately address the traffic control needs for work zones on very low volume roads. Working with the committee, ATC developed the guidelines for low volume roads and clarified some definitional issues. These guidelines were developed in close association with MTO. It is anticipated that these guidelines will be useful in assisting MTO in the next update of Book 7.

ATC has also received approval of its Book 7 training courses from the Ontario Environmental Training Consortium, of the Ontario Ministry of Environment ( These courses have been approved for 0.7 continuing education units (CEUs).

As many of Argesí clients appreciate, they also provide support after course completion by providing clarification and response to queries. If such clarification support is reasonable in scope, not requiring extensive effort to respond, it is available to clients at no charge. If it starts to grow in scope, and if we feel that we need to advise clients that it is now moving beyond training, into consulting, we will do so, and will offer them the opportunity to decide whether they wish to continue or not. At all times, we wish to provide clients the best possible "no surprises" service.

Work Zone Traffic Control Training Courses

New Requirements & Standards

The latest Ministry of Labour Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and construction regulations provisions for traffic control and worker protection have been in effect since June, 2000, and have been carried forward into subsequent editions. These require employers to train workers exposed to traffic hazard or construction vehicles, and to develop Traffic Protection Plans for workers who may be exposed to traffic and vehicular hazard.

The Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7 (Temporary Conditions) for work zone traffic control was published in March 2001, and an updated Office Edition in January, 2014 and an updated Field Edition in May, 2014, in both Office and Field Editions. OTM Book 7 was developed by MTO and a broad group of industry stakeholders, and contains guidelines for work zone traffic control applicable to MTO, other road authorities, contractors, and public utilities, in short, to anyone responsible for or performing work on roads used by public traffic. OTM Book 7 replaces the corresponding section of the former Ontario Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and the Traffic Control Manual for Roadway Works Operations (Field Edition).


Training Course Descriptions

Under the sponsorship of the Ontario Traffic Council (OTC), the principals of Arges Training & Consulting (ATC) have provided familiarization and detailed training on OHSA and regulation requirements and on OTM Book 7. Since 2000, ATC has provided training to MTO, municipalities, contractors, engineers, contract administrators, utilities, supervisors, workers, and inspectors. They have also provided familiarization training on OTM Book 7 to Ministry of Labour inspectors. They are the authors of OTM Book 7 and several of the other OTM Books. Through developing these Books, they are fully familiar with the requirements and their rationale. OTC believes that the Arges training courses, sponsored by OTC, represent the industry training standard for work zone traffic control.

ATC has also prepared, and is willing to prepare, custom training courses for specialized work zone applications, such as transit maintenance, electrical utilities, and surveyors, at no additional cost to clients.

Training Course Preparation

No prior preparation is required for TCP/signaller or Installer courses. Attendees taking training and tests for a Supervisor should have field experience as an installer.

Courses 2, 3 and 4 are quite intensive and packed with information. As preparation, attendees will find it helpful to familiarize themselves with the OHSA and the construction regulation, and also with the OTM Book 7 Office and Field Editions.

Attendees of Courses 2, 3 and 4 should bring their own copies of the OTM Book 7 Office and Field Editions. If attendees do not already have them, they may be obtained at cost from ATC at the beginning of the course, provided ATC has received a request in advance. ATC has a limited number of Book 7 Office Editions available on a loan basis for the day of the course presentation. The Book 7 Office Edition may also be downloaded from the Publications Ontario website; click on the tab to the left, 'View/Order Book 7'

Training Course Handouts

Attendees of all courses will be given a bound handout containing a summary of the relevant sections of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and Regulations for Construction Projects; most of the non-OHSA presentation slides used in the courses; and errata/clarification sheets for both the Book 7 Office Edition and the Field Edition.

Training Course Certificate

A wallet-sized laminated certificate and letter will be provided upon successful completion of any of the training courses. For those who require it for their waterwork operator certificates, the letter and certificate will state that their successful course completion has earned them 0.7 CEUs.


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