Course Costs

The courses are offered either as General Admission courses or as Employer-based (In-house) courses. For employer-based (in-house) courses, these courses are arranged between ATC and a given employer, who may wish to train his/her staff, contractors, contract administrators, etc., on his/her premises. The employer supplies the meeting space, and arranges for lunch and break refreshments. The prices for these courses are somewhat lower than for the general admission courses. The prices shown are based on a minimum registration of 30 attendees at a rate of $145 per person plus HST, per day. We try to keep course attendance at about 30 persons, give or take a few. The price for additional attendees beyond 30 will also be $145 per person plus HST, per day. If the employer does not have 30 attendees, he/she may invite other attendees from other employers, or ATC will assist in finding additional attendees. The course costs are as follows:

For general admission courses, the rate is $155 per person plus HST per day. ATC will contact various employers in a given area in an attempt to achieve a course attendance of approximately 30.

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