ATC’s Consulting Division provides several services. We are involved with many provincial and federal organizations that are instrumental in shaping the Work Zone Safety and Roadway Signing policies within Ontario and Canada. This involvement keeps us up to date with all of the latest developments in the industry. ATC has been directly involved in many policy setting projects including the recent rewrite of the Ontario Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices to create the Books of the Ontario Traffic Manual, and work over the years on development and additions to the Canadian MUTCD.

Another service of the Consulting Division is our consulting service for signing and safety issues, including the development of traffic protection plans for projects. This service is provided by ATC to various private and public organizations on work zone safety and roadway signing issues. We have not only technical and theoretical information on these issues but also hands-on experience through our associates at Advance Warning Incorporated, traffic control specialists.

Another service of the Consulting Division is that of an expert witness in court cases involving work zone safety and traffic control issues. We have provided expert witness testimony in a number of court cases relating to the safety of traffic control in various circumstances.

Through our work with OGRA and other stakeholders on Book 7 application to low-volume roads, we also provide consulting services in this area, to help ensure that safe, yet effective and feasible traffic control can be implemented where traffic volumes are very low. We have also consulted in traffic areas outside work zone traffic control. For example, we are developing a tourism and services signing policy for a major municipality in western Canada.

If you would like more information on our consulting services, please contact us.