Arges Training & Consulting (ATC) is a partnership between Rod Edwards and Milt Harmelink, set up for the purpose of training and consulting on the application of traffic control, with particular current emphasis on the OTM Book 7. Read their Mission Statement.

Rod Edwards worked for MTO in the traffic field for 31 years, and was Head of Traffic Signing for 9 years. He has participated in the development of both the Ontario and Canadian Manuals of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCDs). Since leaving MTO, he has worked as a traffic consultant, a sign installation contractor and as work zone safety contractor, with a wealth of field experience.

Milt Harmelink worked for MTO in a variety of engineering functions for 32 years, including periods as Manager, Traffic Management and Engineering Office (with responsibilities for traffic management, control, safety, and the Ontario MUTCD) and as Director of Transportation Technology and Energy, including development of advanced traffic management systems. He has participated in the development of the Ontario, Canadian, and US MUTCDs. Since leaving MTO, he has worked as a traffic consultant.

Arges (pronounced Ar-gaze) is a figure from Greek mythology, a grandson of Mother Earth, and son of the Cyclopes, great builder and master smith. The name means 'brightness,' and Arges was a figure associated with ensuring good behaviour. Arges was selected as a name because of its association with construction, brightness and clarity, keen observation, and ability to help ensure good practice, all important features needed for good work zone traffic control.

Arges' mission is to be the leading training authority on the OTM Book 7 and its application. They are committed to providing training that is practical, credible, experience-based, and current. Their vision is to achieve maximum worker and motorist safety, while achieving motorist mobility, on road maintenance, utility, and construction projects.

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